Body Shoe

The Body Shoe, made in the U.S.A., is constructed out of high density Polyurethane and is our best selling original style. These shoes were built for working and/or standing on hard surfaces or concrete flooring for 12+ hour work days. The ergonomically correct Body Shoe massages the balls of your feet while simultaneously reducing heel strike shock, thus keeping those lower back and foot aches and pains at bay! Constructed with a skid resistant bottom (except on ice) and a 3 inch back, these shoes are perfect for food service, healthcare, beauticians, groomers and anyone who needs a shoe that will go the extra mile. Feeling too lazy to hand clean your shoes after a hard day's work? Just take the removable orthotic insole out and throw them in your dishwasher! This model also features the a heelless Body Clog style, which is otherwise exactly the same as the Body Shoe. Don't wait, pick these shoes up today and write them off as a business expense!

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Price: $79.00

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