About Us

The Shoe Guys Story…..

Laurie first found the first pair of the Walk the Walk shoes at a consignment store in their tiny town. She was in so much pain, walking was growing impossible. The moment she put the shoes on, the pain relief took her breath away. That was the last time she put another brand on again. Bob had such a bad back he had to wear a brace and held on to everything to support himself. Two weeks later at a foodservice show in WI, he put a pair on, instantly his foot, knee, and back pain began to feel better. After wearing them for awhile, the inflammation and pain went away. That too was the last time he wore another brand (except sneakers for basketball). Kasey was born with flat feet and ankles so turned in he practically walked on them. After wearing his a week, he said this was the first time in his life his feet and ankles had stopped hurting.

We were so touched by the healing power of these shoes, we began selling them 4 months later (starting in 2000) and have been one of the top sellers of this footwear line ever since.

Feeling of Walk the Walk Shoes

The Feeling Inspired by Wearing The World's Most Comfortable Shoe!

Walk the Walk shoes are sold exclusively by two methods.

  • First is directly to the public through trade or consumer shows, dog and horse shows, going directly into hospitals, clinics, hair salons, grooming shops, restaurants, etc.
  • The second is by mail order. The reason is we must fit each pair to the wearer’s feet.

The Shoe Guys do over 40 shows a year so if you contact us, this is why there may be a delay with us getting back in touch with you. Read our Testimonial Page to find out why they are worth the wait!

We love what we do, enjoy working with customers on a one-to-one basis, and are honored to offer this incredible footwear to the public. After all these years, it’s still as fun and fresh as it was that very first show!

Walk the Walk brand footwear is not sold in stores.  Please contact us for our upcoming show schedule or for a fitting by phone.  If we can’t fit you, we’ll honestly tell you so.