Proper Shoe Fit

If you have never worn our footwear, please contact us before purchasing.  Our sizing often does not match other brands using European sizes.

If you are not duplicating the same style footwear you have previously owned, please contact us before purchasing.  Every shoe in this line fits differently in each size.

Tips for Proper Fit

  • Unlike other brands, our shoes should NEVER be tight fitting as they don’t stretch in the least.
  • The heel on the Body Shoe will always move up and down even if it’s too small. But, you’ll get used to it quickly!
  • The clogs come only in full sizes (6, 7, 8, etc). If you wear a half size, go up. They are best for the medium to low insteps.
  • The Body Shoes come in half sizes (6 1/2, 7 1/2 , etc) and are excellent for people with a medium to higher insteps.
  • If you have too low of an instep or have narrow feet/heels, use a Dr. Scholls-type flat insole UNDER ours to lift your feet in the shoes and fill up the excess space.
  • Remove the insole(s) if the footwear becomes too tight across the instep.
  • Always wear socks with the shoes or clogs as feet naturally perspire and there’s no wicking material to absorb it in our footwear.
  • For sandals–adjust the straps while standing and if a new hole is needed to tighten a strap, please have it punched by a shoe repair shop (an awl makes the hole too large.)