Happy, Comfortable Customers!

  • The best shoes I’ve ever worn…by far! My mom, her friends, and my friends all have multiple pairs of the leather sandals, polyurethane shoes, and the leather shoes. Denise Beagle, Blackwitch Farms, China MIAs a quilter and instructor, I have to stand a lot and most of my joints used to hurt. For the past 12 years, that pain has mostly disappeared thanks to my sandals. Gail Blate, Maui HI
  • I originally bought the poly shoes in 2002 in North Virginia. They I discovered they were very helpful for my foot problems and I continued buying them. I have gotten several pairs of the sandals and new leather shoes in Texas trade shows. Now I recommend them to my friends as well. Mary Shook, retired, San Antonio TX
  • For work, I have to have skid resistant and waterproof shoes, but I’m on my feet sometimes 20 hrs a day due to my various jobs. I’ve tried every brand out there and by day’s end my flat feet used to really ache and I’d start limping. This brand’s also got a removable super soft insole that molds to my low arches but my wife’s pair molded to her high arches. She also wears her insoles inside her sneakers when she does her Zumba class and she said they’ve made a real difference. I’ve worn Walk the Walk for over 10 yrs and every time I use other brands, I’m really sorry. Great shoes and great insoles! Donald Stone, Exec. Chef, GA State University & owner of Creative D’Cuisine Catering, Atlanta GA
  • I stand about 10 hrs a day on hard floors at trade shows. Before I had these fabulous sandals, my back and knees hurt most days and it was getting worse. I was having hard time sleeping at night due to restless legs and intense all over aching. Now I rarely have any discomfort at all even when going longer periods of time. And oh yea, I have at least 8 pairs of the sandals too! Kathy Norris, Hunting Horn Jewelry, New Bern NC
  • I used the back strap sandals for long walks and minor hiking in our area’s slopes and hills because they are very durable, light, and super comfortable. My husband and daughter use the sandals and polyurethane shoes to overcome problems associated with a bad bunion surgery, bad backs, and other foot issues. As a ceramic artist, I stand on hard wet floors for hours at a time and absolutely require the soft absorption power of the sandals. They do exactly what I want them to do. Judy Duggan, Ceramicist, San Rafael CA
  • I’m a diabetic with bad neuropathy and significant arthritis in my feet, knees, and lower back. These areas used to hurt every day even if I didn’t do a lot of standing. Last year I discovered these sandals and it’s been heaven ever since! What an incredible difference they’ve made in my life. Thank you for giving me my life back again!! Lenny Landise, American Cotton Products, Knoxville TN
  • I live in Buffalo which is world famous for lousy weather. I’ve been wearing the black Body Shoes for many years, both indoors at my job (usually in offices and museums) and outdoors in snow, rain, sleet, mud, and all the other combos that Buffalo throws at me. They easily wipe off and no one knows that I’m wearing a waterproof shoe, it just look like I’m wearing black flats. Joanna Gillespie, Fundraiser, Buffalo NY
  • In the past, my feet always hurt from diabetes and arthritis. I also suffered from stiff and aching knees, back, and hips (joys of aging!). My husband and I have worn the sandals with the back straps for about 6 yrs that we found at a quilt show and rarely have any discomfort at all now! They are truly amazing and have giving us more time to do the things we retired from our jobs to enjoy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Ruby Shupper, retired from retail, Tulsa OK
  • Not only are they the perfect sandal for Southern CA but the leather shoes are great for my job as well. I no longer suffer from crippling back and knee pain like I once did. My plantar fasciitis is a thing of the past. I can’t believe these shoes did what they have but they’ve allowed me to continue working when I was looking at forced early retirement. I can’t even begin to tell you the difference they’ve made in my life. You’ve made me a customer for life. John Camp, Construction consultant, Long Beach CA